CassyPool: I Won’t Apologize, The Rangerover Bahati Gifted Diana Marua Was Fake.

One of the most famous and controversial social media critics, CassyPool,faced backlash online, after he came out openly to accuse Bahati and Diana Marua of living a fake lifestyle.

Speaking in an interview with one of the online medias, CassyPool, is on record, saying that  Bahati didn’t purchase the brand new Rangerover that he gifted Diana Marua. CassyPool said that it was just an old Rangerover, that was refurnished well, to look like a new one, and they just wanted to use it for showbiz.

He went on and alleged that The Bahatis family is among the celebs who are faking life online, and behind the scenes, they are living a very fake lifestyle. He said that he is always ready to expose anyone who is faking life online.

His statements attracted alot of backlash from online netizens.  Kenyans said that he  has jealous, and told him to focus on improving his Lifestyle, because The Bahatis are more successful than him.

However CassyPool seemed not to care about punches of heavy steamy comments from Kenyans online. He insisted that Bahati is faking his life, and he will never apologize for saying that, because he has done his investigation, and he knows it is true that Bahati and Diana are clout chasers who do things for views.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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