CassyPool: Stivo Simple Boy ni Mnoma Kuliko Diamond Platnumz.

CassyPool is one of the Kenyan celebrities who really hate Diamond Platnumz, and he always shows it live on camera. He is always against Diamond and he has never supported him.

Since he started trending online, CassyPool has been attacking Diamond Platnumz left, right and centre. He said that he is the reason why kenyan music went down. He always accuses Diamond Platnumz of paying presenters and Djs in Kenya, to play his music frequently.

In his latest interview with online media, CassyPool decided to react to Diamonds victory of winning the best artist in East Africa Award, where he contested with the likes of Khaligraph Jones.

CassyPool said that Khaligraph Jones can’t be compared to Diamond Platnumz. He said that The OG is above Diamond and there is no day Diamond will ever beat him. He went on and said that Stivo Simple Boy is also above Diamond Platnumz, when it comes to talent and dope lyrics.

CassyPool said that Stevo can’t be compared to Diamond Platnumz. He said that the only bongo Flava artist who is relevant is Mario, because of his pure lyrics that is free from the Amapiano things that Diamond has been singing offlate.

CassyPool urged Kenyans to stop praising Diamond Platnumz, and start supporting their own local musicians who are very talented and doing well on international market, and music scenes.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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