Cutest Bodaboda Rider Tizian: Nalipwa na My Fans Ksh.10,000 Kureply To Their Comment on Tiktok.

Tizian Savage Opens Up On Being Paid To Reply To Tiktok Comments.

The fastest rising kenyan tiktoker King Tizian caused stir online again, after he revealed that some of his loyal fans on Tiktok pay him a good amount of money to reply to their comments on Tiktok.

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Speaking in an interview with Commentator, Tizian who went viral on Tiktok for being dubbed as the cutest Bodaboda rider in Nakuru and Kenya, revealed that his fans have been really showing him massive love on Tiktok.

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Tizian who has already made millions of money on Tiktok, the highest amount of money being ksh.800,000 in less than 4 hours, said that people have been hating on him because of his fast success.

However on the other side his loyal fans have been really showing him massive support. Tizian said that there are sometimes, his fans pay him out of their own will, to just reply to their comments.
He revealed that there have been several instances where fans pay him, he has ever received ksh.10,000 from a random fan telling him to just reply to their tiktok comment. This has happened several times, and he is grateful for that.

King Tizian Savage

Tizian said that, he is not arrogant, people have been trying to just bring him down, because of how he is thriving on Tiktok. He said that he is a good person, and people just misunderstand him, which is a normal thing because, he can’t impress everyone.
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