” I only Date Rich Men, I Cannot Date Obinna” Amberay.

Faith Makau famous as Amberay, one of the most controversial kenyan celebrity and socialite, has come out openly to reveal to the public, the type of men, she is attracted to and why she always prefer dating them.

Just days after revealing that she has parted ways, with her baby daddy, due to domestic vayolence, Amberay decided not to talk about it, and said that they will just solve it privately.

The socialite however said that she is not ready for another relationship, and if it happens she dates again, she will always date men who are rich, a man should be financially stable for him to have a taste of her.

She said that she is financially stable, and she is not ready to keep a man, she wants a man who is on the same level with her. Amberay said that relationship is always sweet if both of you have money, and if you are broke that that relationship will be like hell.

Amber also decided to address about the issue of Obinna, who has been shooting his shot publicly to her. Obinna has been crushing on Amberay and even praying for her and Rapudo to break up so that he can get a chance.

According to Amberay , her and Obinna cannot date, they are best friends, and she is not ready to fight with Obinna’s controversial baby mama. She said that he is a good man , with good vibes, but the truth is that they cannot date.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube .

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