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“Jackie Matubia’s Journey: Catching Flights, Not Feelings, and the Wisdom of Single Motherhood”

Actress Jackie Matubia
Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia



Jackie Matubia had a way of throwing shade, her memorable words echoing even after her second baby daddy relationship had ended. Nevertheless, the end of that chapter didn’t dim her shine.As an actress, Jackie adopted the “catch flights, not feelings” mantra, a phrase many women use to signify moving forward from tough times.

In her latest YouTube video, she explained her transformed perspective on life.The journey had been amazing, she reflected, proudly wearing the badge of a single mother of two. She had found happiness in good vibes and Inshallah, and her motto became, “Let’s catch flights, not feelings.” She shared this sentiment with her audience.

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Two months prior, she took her two daughters to Dubai, with her firstborn Zari celebrating her 8th birthday. The decision to invest in herself and fulfill Zari’s dream of visiting Dubai marked a turning point.The Dubai adventure, funded by her first baby daddy, became a family vacation, underscoring her advice to wisely choose both the children and their fathers.

As she burst into laughter, she acknowledged that even she, the adviser, had stumbled into similar situations. She knew her candid remarks might stir controversy, but she remained unapologetically truthful.Jackie Matubia’s life remained a trending topic, but she had decided to put herself first and love herself. In her small, God-centered family, she had learned valuable lessons, and she shed tears as she recounted how she had been reassured during the times when her life was falling apart.

As Jackie reflected on her past, the shades she threw and the experiences she shared had left an indelible mark on her journey.

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