Kenyan Amapiano Singer Cartoon47 Shows Offf His Ksh.5.7 Million Nike Shoes.

Cartoon 47 Showing Off His Ksh.5.7 Million Shoes.

One of the most controversial and upcoming kenyan Amapiano Singer Cartoon47 has caused stir online again. This is after he decided to show of one of his expensive shoes which is a Nike Airmag.

Cartoon who has been trending online for several reasons, decided this time to trend in Kenya, as the only musician who owns the special Nike Airmag shoes. The shoes have a unique design as compared to other Nike Jordan sneakers or Airforce and Airmax.

Through a video, Cartoon bragged, and said that he acquired the shoes from the Nike Company. They were just shipped to Kenya. He went on a shared a screenshot of the exact price of this unique shoes.

According to his screenshot, Cartoon 47 said that the shoes costed him a whooping ksh.5.7 Million. This is the amount of money he paid to get this special unique sneakers. Because they are expensive, he is the only Kenyan musician who owns them, and who is capable of buying them.

However the most tricky part is that Cartoon 47 didn’t show the receipt of the shoes. This raised alot of questions from Kenyans, who claimed that the sneakers are among those fake sneakers that are usually found in some of the Kenyan streets.

Netizens wanted a receipt for them to believe that Cartoon is being honest. Without the receipt , Kenyans will continue to deem it as a clout chasing opportunity, and the sneakers don’t cost such amount of money in Kenya.

Click the link below to watch full video on Instagram.

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