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Mimba Sio Yangu! Manzi Wa Kibera 67 Years Old Boyfriend Denies Pregnancy.

Manzi Wa Kibera Pregnancy

67 years Old man who is the boyfriend to the famous controversial socialite Manzi Wa Kibera, caused stir online, after he came out to denie publicly that he is not the one who impregnated Manzi Wa Kibera.

Speaking in an interview with Commentator 254, the old man said that him and Manzi Wa Kibera had not yet planned about having a child, and he is very sure that he didn’t make her pregnant.

He said that he is just shocked just like other kenyans. He said that he hasn’t been in communication with Manzi Wa Kibera for sometime, but they have been in good terms.

The old man said that he is sure that Manzi Wa Kibera cheated on him, and he has been seeing her with a certain man, and there are higher chances that she has been cheating on him .

The old man said that he should not be linked to that pregnancy because, that was never the plan, and sometimes Manzi Wa Kibera has been missing for more than 3 days.

Manzi Wa Kibera and her 67 years old boyfriend
Manzi Wa Kibera and her 67 years old boyfriend

He said that he is sure that she cheated on her, so if she is pregnant, he isn’t responsible for that pregnancy. The old man said that they were to talk about it, and his plans wasn’t on getting a child with Manzi Wa Kibera. He referred to her as a concubine, because she has been allegedly cheating on him.

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