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Otile Brown Calls Out Diamond And Mbosso For Wearing Fake Jewelry.

Kenyan musican Otile Brown and Tanzania artists Mbosso Khan and Diamond Platinumz.
Otile Mbosso and Diamond.

Otile Brown called out Diamond and Mbosso for wearing fake jewelry.through his Instagram,he claimed that the two artists talked so much about their jewelry,yet they not original or from reputable jewelry stores.

Otile said he didn’t understand how the Tanzania artists could buy fake stuff yet they could afford real and original chains.he added that now he believed in the slogan fake it till you make it.

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The day before yesterday,Mbosso displayed his new acquired pendant that beared his face and name.he disclosed that the pendant took two years of waiting and it cost him millions but he had no regrets.he also warned his fellow celebrities against wearing fake chains because they were risking getting infected.

Diamond Platinumz,in August,spent 5.2 million on a new pendant bearing his name ‘Simba’ a complete pendant depicting a lion’s head.

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