” Wanaishi Maisha Fake” CassyPool Exposes Bahati and Diana as He Reveals

CassyPool Exposes Bahati and Diana For Living a Fake Lifestyle

CassyPool is among the list of few celebrities who reacted to Bahati’s Rangerover gift to Diana Marua. Speaking in an interview with online media, CassyPool decided to expose The Bahati family and he accused them of clout chasing and living a very fake lifestyle.

He started by dismissing the Rangerover gift to Diana Marua. He said that was just an old Rangerover that was painted and given to Diana Marua. According to CassyPool, everything Diana and Bahati do is scripted and they always do it for clout chasing and YouTube views.

He urged Kenyans to stop falling for such traps. He claimed that Bahati always brags, and he always want to be on the trends, that is why he always comes out with surprising stands, which in real sense are fake.

CassyPool said that Kenyans should know that Bahati and Diana are just content creators who are faking life , and are really trying to prove to Kenyans things that they know they don’t have.

According to him, he thinks that Bahati and Diana Marua are not that rich as many people think. He said that he is on the ground and he knows many musicians and celebrities who are living fake lifestyle online and suffering from depression offline.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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